Our Research

Drive System Design is at the forefront of innovation in the transmission industry. The company and its staff are continually researching new technologies and ways to improve existing technologies. Please see some examples of the company’s papers below:

Composite transmission casing for volume production
Weight reduction is always a key focus in driveline design. Drive System Design have been researching a step change in the design of casings for transmissions and drivetrain systems. This method explores the opportunities presented by advances in materials and manufacturing processed for significant reductions in component weight.
Download the paper here.

Solving NVH issues in hybrid and EV powertrains
This paper discusses the potential conflict that can occur between vehicle and transmission teams regarding NVH issues when developing future electric and hybrid technologies. With over twenty successful projects across a period of four years, Drive System Design have developed valuable experience in solving such conflict in real world applications.
Download the paper here.

Transmission design for very high input speeds
When driven by conventional power sources, the input shafts of most transmissions rotate at speeds below 10,000rpm. To improve efficiency the electric motor designer is increasing the speed of its rotation and currently speeds in the region of 20,000 rpm are becoming common place.
Download the paper here.