Industrial transmissions are the workhorses of the driveline world. They are typically required to endure aggressive operating environments over very long design lives with increasingly long maintenance intervals. DSD has designed units for lives of over 20 years: reliability and efficiency are the key requirements but, given the huge variety of applications, low weight, low cost and low noise may also be demanded.

Concept Engineering and Analysis

Though some industrial gearboxes are regarded as commodities, there is a steady demand for innovation as new applications are defined, particularly in oil and gas, bio-medical and aerospace.

DSD has a track record of creating innovative designs to meet new and challenging applications, backed by powerful analysis software which can rapidly hone a concept into a working design.

Gearbox Duty Cycle Derivation and Definition

Understanding and defining the duty cycle a gearbox will see over its lifetime is fundamental to ensuring a reliable and cost-effective design. DSD’s broad experience of diverse applications means we know what questions to ask about the working cycle and the operating environment and understand how these will influence the design. If duty cycles are not fully understood by the client we can measure or simulate the loads, particularly if the application is novel.

In-house Test and Development Facilities

We have growing, in-house test and development facilities, including a high-torque, low speed test fixture designed for industrial gearboxes. Configured to reproduce oil and gas drilling speeds and torques (up to 30,000Nm), it is also suitable for other similar applications. We also design and build custom rigs and fixtures for specialist tests and have environmental test chambers for component and subsystem testing.

Renewable Energy Applications Knowledge

We have particular know-how in the engineering, analysis, manufacture and operation of gearboxes for wind and tidal turbine applications.

Wind and wave turbines for power generation rely on gearboxes to provide the connection between the rotating blades and the generator. Often sited in remote locations, such as offshore,  the reliability of these devices is critical, as is their efficiency. The extreme variability of input loads, whether from wind or wave, makes accurate determination or prediction of the duty cycle challenging.

DSD can undertake complete gearbox design and development and has particular expertise in Transient Load Resistance Optimisation, having developed design optimisation techniques to limit the effect of transient loads on existing gearboxes. We are also developing Active Damping concepts for future gearbox systems to improve reliability and extend durability.