Control Systems Engineering

Control BoardDSD’s highly skilled Control team is fully integrated with the mechanical engineering and development activities to provide optimum results, whether problem solving, delivering turnkey projects or undertaking research.

To provide the customer with maximum benefit, much of the work is presented in the form of open access, or ‘white box’ solutions, ready for onward coding to production standards.

As hybrid and electric powertrains grow in popularity, effective control system development becomes increasingly important in achieving the overall design targets of a vehicle. DSD is an established control system partner for vehicle manufacturers and system suppliers.

Resolving Issues on Current Products

DSD’s flexible approach and wide skills base means that it can support customers with quick and cost-effective solutions to end user issues on current transmissions.

In one example, by interpreting end user feedback to understand the underlying issues, the company identified workable solutions through software changes, avoiding expensive modifications to hardware.

By developing the software down to functional levels, and coding to MAAB and MISRA guidelines to produce an executable specification, it was able to provide a solution which the customer then coded for production. DSD then supported the customer with calibration using the new software.

Providing Turnkey Systems

DSD provides the complete Control function, from concept modelling with MATLAB, Simulink, Stateflow tool chain, through implementation on a rapid prototyping controller, to calibration for shift quality, performance feel and shift mapping.

Its use of temperature controlled test rigs allows DSD to fully characterise system elements, such as clutches and actuators, for more effective control, by using rig results to populate real characteristics in the control model.


DSD’s Control engineers can provide a research function for the client, who benefits from new IP without incurring the overhead of a permanent research team in-house. Using MATLAB, Simulink and Stateflow tool chain the company is ideally placed to carry out customer’s research projects.

Demonstrator Vehicles

DSD produces demonstrator vehicles to enable the evaluation of new technology. A key element of this activity is providing effective control and representative performance through suitable calibration.

Our Control engineers are able to deliver first class results because of our understanding of the underlying mechanics of the hardware they are controlling and can adapt existing software quickly to new applications.