Development Engineering

The arrival of accurate and reliable simulation and modelling tools has vastly improved the effectiveness of the development process, integral to closing the design loop. Development input begins during the early stage of concept design, helping to eliminate issues before they arise, and is still adding value to the product during the final stages of verification.

Test Rig Design and Manufacture

Accelerated development often requires specialised test rigs for mechanical, control, actuation or other systems. Production facilities may also require custom rigs for integrated product testing as part of the quality assurance procedure.

DSD has the complete capability for engineering and in-house manufacture of test rigs for both component and system level applications. It can create rigs for complete transmissions or individual assemblies, such as a synchroniser assemblies or park brakes.

Prototype Build

Many projects require the engineering phase of manufacturing prototype batches. DSD can facilitate this with the necessary birth certificates and concession management. Applications have included the automotive, off-highway and industrial sectors and involve both customer designs and DSD in-house designs.

Test Facilities

DSD’s facilities have everything required to test all aspects of a transmission, from full systems to individual components. Click here for more information on our test facilities.

New to DSD:

  • Thermal shaker rig: to allow vibration testing under different climatic conditions.
  • Clutch test rig: highly accurate low-speed control of wet and dry clutches capable of microslip.

Instrumentation and Duty Cycle Determination

One of DSD’s most valued capabilities is the ability to identify appropriate duty cycles for new or current applications. It has the ability to instrument components, drivelines or complete vehicles, measuring for example, torque, speed, pressure, force etc by gathering and analysing useage data the company can construct representative duty cycles. DSD has a broad knowledge of duty cycles gathered from the range of customers and projects that they work on.