DSD is the proud home to one of the largest independent testing facilities of its kind in the UK. Whether you require a major driveline development program, component testing, or have overspill work to relieve an in-house bottleneck, we have the facilities and expertise to develop, implement and analyse your testing programs.

Following recent investment and expansion, our comprehensive onsite facilities offer ten test cells including:

  • 3E & 5E Rigs
  • Tilt & Spin Rigs
  • ISO Clean Room
  • Thermal & Vibration Chambers
  • Subsystem Test Rigs
  • Vehicle Preparation
  • Fabrication, Build & Machining Facilities

Expertise drives innovation…

With a total of ten test cells, the majority being reconfigurable for specific applications, DSD can test a vast range of transmissions and drivelines as well as complete vehicles.

Our expertise has been developed over many years, providing us with the knowledge and experience to deliver maximum value from testing by utilising advanced software and calibration techniques. We have developed our own innovative, distinctive techniques for the calibration of torque transducers, improving measurement accuracy and helping us to overcome the challenges of measuring driveline efficiency.

Our test rig control software is written and developed in-house, allowing us to tailor test programs to each of our customers’ unique requirements down to the finest of details. This capability has led us to write test control software for external operators, such as vehicle manufacturers and tier 1 suppliers, for their own use onsite.

Subsystem Testing

Our rigs, many of them designed in-house for optimum performance, include all the facilities you would expect from a leading transmission and driveline specialist:

  • Clutch rig: providing highly accurate low-speed control of wet and dry clutches capable of microslip
  • Two spin rigs: capable of high velocity, low-torque drag loss measurements on electric vehicle transmissions; one capable of tilting on two axes
  • Park-lock system rigs: for validation of durability and engagement speed
  • General purpose hydraulics test facility: suitable for most automatic, AMT, DCT or off-highway transmissions.
  • Dedicated synchroniser test rig
  • Thermal shaker rig: allows vibration testing under different climatic conditions

3E & 5E Cells

Photo of DSD 5E Test Rig

DSD’s in-house 5E Test Rig

Our largest cell has five electrical machines, four capable of 7000Nm and 700kW, and can handle 4WD HEV transmissions and drivelines ranging in size from passenger cars to trucks and off-highway vehicles.

Three further cells are each equipped with three e-machines for developing in-line transmissions, rear axles, front-wheel-drive and rear-wheel-drive transaxle assemblies.

Additional Facilities

Our test cells and rigs are supported by a number of additional facilities including:

  • Two environmental chambers with temperature and humidity control
  • A large hydraulics clean area that allows hydraulics systems to be combined with their electronics to be tested before assembly in the transmission.

To learn more about our testing facilities and test program development capabilities, please get in touch. We would be delighted to invite you onsite to view our facilities in action.