DSD’s Jason Schneider to Speak on Hybridizing the Power Shift Transmission at CTI USA in May 2018

Senior Controls Engineer Jason Schneider will present his paper entitled “Hybridizing the power shift transmission for improved shift feel, ease of calibration & fuel economy” on the second day of the conference, taking place in Novi, MI, USA from May 16th – 17th 2018.

Drive System Design will also appear at the conference exhibiting on stand #4 of the exhibition.

The 12th CTI Symposium is THE place to get updated on latest technical developments and applications on automotive transmissions for conventional and alternative drives. Exchange experiences, discuss technologies and strategies with automotive experts from USA, Asia and Europe.” (transmission-symposium.com)

The paper and presentation will focus on:

  • Custom 48V e-machine to offset challenges of the P2 position
  • Zero energy cost P2 hybrid for faster, more efficient shifts
  • Leveraging controllability of e-motor to improve shift feel
  • Reducing transmission reliance on engine torque response

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Other conferences that Drive System Design will attend throughout 2018 include:

  • Conference on Future Automotive Technology (CoFAT) – Fürstenfeldbruck nr. Munich, Germany, 8th & 9th May 2018
  • SIA Powertrain – Rouen, France, 16th & 17th May 2018
  • LCV Conference – Millbrook, UK, 12th & 13th September 2018
  • CTI Berlin – Berlin, Germany, 4th & 5th December 2018

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