Partner Press Release: Camcon Auto Partners with Drive System Design to Accelerate Development of Intelligent Valve Technology

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  • Intelligent Valve Technology (iVT) brings significant fuel consumption and emissions benefits for cars, trucks and heavy-duty applications, replacing the mechanical camshaft in an engine with electric actuators
  • Partnership with Drive System Design will ramp up development of iVT
  • Initial focus is on increasing the number of advanced single- and multi-cylinder research and development engines in use by leading OEMs and Tier 1s
  • The technology partnership builds on an existing 10-year relationship which has already seen DSD play a vital role within the iVT development team
  • iVT has demonstrated a fuel consumption improvement of up to 7 per cent, on a testbed, compared to the latest production state-of-the-art valve train technologies with the potential for further benefits
  • iVT is particularly appropriate for alternative fuels, including hydrogen, and adaptable combustion cycles where its control flexibility allows the optimum conditions for each application to be reached
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Expert automotive engineering company, Camcon Auto, is delighted to announce Drive System Design (DSD) as its technology partner. The two companies are working together to further the development of advanced digital valvetrains for petrol and diesel engines.

Replacing the camshaft in an engine with electric actuators for full, precise control over the engine’s breathing, Intelligent Valve Technology (iVT) has the potential to significantly reduce fuel consumption and CO2 for both passenger cars and Heavy-Duty applications. David Kelly, Director, Drive System Design commented: “The European CO2 legislation for new heavy-duty vehicles is particularly challenging and iVT could be one of the key technologies to help achieve these requirements.”Over the last 10 years, Camcon Auto has been supported by DSD – itself a global leader in the development, engineering and testing of electrified powertrain systems for vehicles – and, during that time, the two have achieved significant milestones in the development of iVT. So far, the two companies have completed more than 1,000hrs of dynamometer testing on a 4-cylinder gasoline engine, the creation of a technology demonstrator vehicle and a four-valve single cylinder development engine, currently undergoing combustion research at Brunel University.

Today’s announcement marks the next vital phase in the development of iVT. Camcon Auto and DSD will now focus on the increased supply of single- and multi-cylinder development engines, placing iVT in the hands of leading OEM and Tier 1 powertrain development divisions, managing hardware, software and functionality development. DSD will also support Camcon Automotive in further development of iVT as it takes the system closer to market. 

Danny Chapchal, Chairman of Camcon Auto said: “I am delighted to announce that Drive System Design (DSD) is our technology partner for iVT. From the very beginning of this project, DSD has played a vital role and the teams in Leamington Spa, UK, and Farmington Hills, US, are incredibly talented and well respected in the automotive industry. As we enter the next exciting phase, I know we have the right partner to help us achieve our aims.” 

David Kelly, Director, Drive System Design said: “I am very proud of our achievements in the development of iVT. We have accomplished some significant milestones and I am very excited about the future potential of this technology to deliver real world benefits. I am delighted to have agreed an official technical partnership with Camcon Auto and we look forward to taking this innovative technology toward volume production in the passenger car and heavy-duty sectors.” 


About Camcon Auto

Camcon Auto is an expert automotive engineering company based in Cambridge, United Kingdom. It has pioneered leading automotive technology in the fields of vehicle braking and transmission, using its patented actuator design. For ten years, it has been rapidly developing a new engine valvetrain concept called Intelligent Valve Technology (iVT), which uses its innovative actuator to replace the camshaft, giving greater control of combustion, drastically reducing emissions and improving performance.

Camcon Auto’s engineering and product development teams are organised through a network of independent consulting engineers. By combining this expertise on a project-by- project basis, Camcon Auto seeks to ensure the right mix of talent is available on demand.

It combines this structure with a focused strategy of partnering with OEMs at the design phase and delivering new technology through Tier 1 suppliers. Camcon Auto has partnered with substantial OEMs for its programmes, developing products that are ready for the real world. For example, it has demonstrators fitted to vehicles, and engine level integration for its iVT technology.

Technical Consultant Neil Butler is a highly-experienced engineer, who has led and delivered powertrain projects with OEMs as well as Tier 1 and 2 suppliers. Over more than four decades in the automotive industry Butler has held senior engine development positions at Rover Group in the UK and SAIC in China and consulted at a senior level across the world, covering development of gasoline and diesel engines from passenger cars to commercial vehicles. Butler heads up the technical team on the iVT programme.


About Drive System Design

Drive System Design (DSD) is an award-winning engineering consultancy specialising in the engineering, development, test and control of electrified powertrain and transmission systems.

The company’s engineers have experience working with vehicle manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers around the world, designing and developing new technologies and solving problems to make their products more competitive. They have the engineering, analysis, test and project management skills necessary to deliver projects to demanding timescales in all key phases of production programs, from strategy to launch and beyond.

Working in partnership with customers through technical centres in Europe and North America, DSD is one of the world’s most trusted specialists in the accelerated development of electrified powertrain and transmission systems. DSD is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001 certified.