Hybrid & Electric Vehicles

DSD’s extensive experience with hybrid and electric vehicles means we can support clients throughout their strategy planning and architecture definition across mechanical and control system design.

Our breadth of experience and extensive portfolio of previous projects means we understand the background environment and context in which these decisions are taken.

Passenger Car

DSD’s passenger car experience includes the engineering of all-new transmissions and drivelines and the resolution of issues arising with existing products, in both a mechanical and control environment.

We recognise that CO2 and emissions legislation is driving industry trends such as engine downsizing and the hybridisation of vehicles, so thoroughly understand the context in which our customers operate and the challenges they face.


The off-highway sector has a great diversity of transmission types, from manuals through to the most sophisticated hydrostatic powersplit transmissions and hybrid powertrains.

DSD’s applications knowledge spans agriculture, construction and industrial vehicles, having worked on projects ranging from the largest mining trucks to ride-on garden machinery.

Commercial Vehicle

Worldwide, the truck and bus industry is in the early stages of electrified & autonomous powertrain development, however a large focus still remains on automating the gear shift process to improve efficiency, reduce CO2 emissions, minimise driver skill requirements and extend service life by eliminating abuse.

The goal is to reduce the total life cost of truck and bus transmissions, and the use of automated shifting draws on many of DSD’s core skills. We are accustomed to designing for the long service life that characterises this sector: typically 400,000 miles for medium duty and over a million miles for a heavy duty application.


Industrial transmissions are the workhorses of the transmission world. They are typically required to endure aggressive operating environments over very long design lives with increasingly long maintenance intervals.

DSD has designed units for lives of over 20 years: reliability and efficiency are the key requirements but, given the huge variety of applications, low weight, low cost and low noise may also be demanded.


The majority of our work is solving challenging engineering issues for the world’s automotive manufacturers, but whatever the application, if it involves advanced technologies, DSD is perfectly placed to offer a solution.

Our engineers have worked on end-products as varied as prosthetic hands and oil rigs, and sectors as diverse as motorcycle, aerospace and defence. We can provide a turnkey service from initial concept through to prototype builds, or supply solutions to particular challenges you are experiencing.