#INWED – Ask An Engineer: Victoria Godbillot

Victoria completed her Mechanical Engineering degree in 2018 and will graduate from the French National Institute of Applied Sciences of Toulouse in September. She joined DSD as a placement student in February 2018, before converting to a permanent role at the company in June.

International Women in Engineering Day (INWED – 23 June annually) focuses attention on the amazing careers in engineering and technical roles for young women, and allows us to celebrate the achievements of our outstanding women engineers. (source: http://www.inwed.org.uk)

We took the opportunity to interview DSD Engineer Victoria Godbillot to find out what motivated her to start a career in engineering and her highlights working in the industry. We hope this might offer some inspiration to young people, especially young women in their final years of school, to consider the opportunities a career in engineering offers.

1. What does your role as an Engineer at DSD involve?

In short, I design and analyse products related to powertrains. Anything from designing new transmissions, park locks, clutches or gears, to analysing their strength and durability along their life cycle. We also have one of the largest transmission test facilities in the UK, so I have also worked on designing bespoke test rigs for new products. It’s really exciting, I get to work on so many kinds of projects, it never gets repetitive!

2. What led you to choose a career in engineering?

At school, I was always more interested in scientific classes and understanding how things are made and work. Teachers encouraged me to go in engineering. As I was not sure exactly what I wanted to do, I chose an engineering school with a one-year common core and four years to specialise. During that first year, talking with different students, teachers and professionals, I discovered I was where I wanted to be, following classes I truly enjoyed.

3. What is the best part about working in engineering? 

Working in engineering forces you to stay up to date on new technologies. I feel like we are constantly discovering, learning from one another. We are always trying to create something innovative. It feels like we’re being useful and contributing to improving people’s lives (to some extent, of course!)

And even better than engineering, there’s engineering consultancy! We work on many different projects with clients from all over the world! We meet people from everywhere and discover different ways of working.

4. What is the best part about working at DSD? 

Pizza day! More seriously, apart from the exciting and challenging aspect of a consultancy, DSD is an amazing place to work. There’s a special atmosphere here. Almost all of us work in a big open space, so we can easily communicate with our team and learn from each other. Managers are very attentive to personal development. We have co-workers from different countries, which brings diversity (and exciting moments during the World Cup!).

5. Can you offer any tips or advice for young people considering a career in engineering? 

Go for it! Don’t be afraid of the word, or the stereotypes associated to engineering. Talk to people in engineering, ask them what they do to have a better understanding of what engineering is.

Engineering covers so many industries, so many types of jobs. I have university engineering friends working on improving plant layouts, on creating processes to produce new chocolate bars, on analysing the efficiency of the body during physical exercise…

Engineering is all about solving problems, innovating, and turning a thought in your head into something real. So, if that’s what you love, then just follow your passion, and raise the bar!