Actuation & Robotics

A customer from the bio-medical sector required a low cost prosthetic hand with the ability to grasp and grip. The design was constrained by the need to avoid conflict with existing patents. The biggest challenge was the tight package available for the actuation system. DSD engineered an automatic two-speed gearbox that provided the ‘grasp and grip’ function required from the prosthetic.

Two prototypes have been built and successfully tested and the design is ready for production once patent protection has been secured.

Powersports, Recreational & Utility

DSD understands the specific requirements of this specialized industry, in which the end products must be light in weight yet robust, competitively priced and able to give reliable performance with minimal maintenance.

We have worked with some of the most famous names in the sector on light agricultural products, high performance leisure vehicles and light off-road utility vehicles. We have produced designs for individual gear sets and complete transmissions, and solved axle noise problems.