Our Facilities

The facility has been developed to leverage Drive System Design’s development expertise, enabling us to support manufacturers and their suppliers. Developing bespoke, on-site test systems and rig control software allows our engineers to tailor test programs to each of our customers’ unique requirements.

The US facility complements DSD’s European Technical Center, home to one of Europe’s largest independent development centers for vehicle transmissions, drivelines and propulsion systems.

The current test facility is suitable for all transmission types including engine accessory drives, such as supercharger gearboxes, and designed to accommodate both ICE and electrified drivelines.

Coming Soon

Further expansion throughout 2018 will include a hydraulic test stand for hydraulic valve body development, in addition to a tilt rig cell providing enhanced lubrication flow analysis capability.

Recent projects have developed advanced simulation know-how that predicts significant, low cost improvements in efficiency, and the facility growth will enable us to correlate these results and develop our simulation and test capabilities further still.

Bespoke Test Rig Builds & Development Programs

Accelerated development and unique architectures for next generation e-Drives often require specialized test rigs for mechanical, control, actuation and electrified systems. Production facilities may also require custom rigs for integrated end-of-line testing as part of the quality assurance procedure.

DSD has the complete capability for engineering and in-house manufacture of test rigs for both component and system level applications. It can create rigs for complete transmissions or individual assemblies, such as e-Motors, actuators, synchronizer assemblies or park brakes. Our test rig control software is written and developed in-house, allowing us to tailor test programs to each of our customers’ unique requirements. This capability has led us to write test control software for external operators, such as vehicle manufacturers and tier 1 suppliers.

Get in touch to learn more about our testing facilities, test program development capabilities, and the benefits of our integrated approach to design, simulation and test. We would be delighted to invite you onsite to view our facilities in action.