Instrumentation & Duty Cycle Determination

One of DSD’s most valued capabilities is the ability to identify appropriate duty cycles for new or current applications. This is particularly relevant for the BEV, hybrid, and autonomous vehicles of the future.

Our engineers can instrument components, drivelines or complete vehicles, measuring for example, torque, speed, pressure, force etc by gathering and analysing useage data. The company can then construct representative duty cycles, supported by our simulation capabilities.

Test Facilities

DSD’s facilities have everything required to test all aspects of an electrified powertrain or conventional drivetrain, from full systems to individual components. Whether you require a major development program, component testing, or have overspill work to relieve an in-house bottleneck, we have the facilities and expertise to develop, implement and analyse your testing programs.

Following recent investment and expansion, our comprehensive onsite facilities offer ten test cells.

Prototype Build

Many projects require prototype systems. DSD can facilitate the procurement and build of mechanical prototypes, actuators and electric machines, with the necessary birth certificates and concession management. Applications have included the automotive, off-highway and industrial sectors and involve both customer designs and DSD in-house designs.