MSYS is a next generation powertrain for electric vehicles.

The heart of the system is an alternate approach to powershifting (no torque interrupt) achieved by separating the existing functions of a synchroniser. The system supplies 55 kW of continuous power and over 2000 Nm of torque at the wheels in an extremely compact package with over 90% total electric powertrain efficiency. A low cost, high efficiency unit, weighing just 55kg including motor, MSYS offers a powerful and efficient powertrain solution to the electric vehicle market.

The integrated design of an axial flux YASA® motor with the multi- speed transmission has led to simplification of the motor cooling system, electrical architecture and powertrain control system. The full specification is:

  • Rating: 55kW continuous, 100kW peak (for 60 seconds)
  • Motor torque: 200Nm
  • Output torque: 2000Nm
  • Efficiency: 91% overall, 98% transmission only
  • Mass: 55kg wet, including motor (12kg)
  • Gearing: 3-speed with Powershifting
  • Ratios: 1st 10.01:1, 2nd 7.15:1, 3rd 5.42:1
  • Cooling: integrated pump and radiator
  • Park lock: integrated plunger type with electric actuation