Simulation and Analysis

Efficient engineering at DSD begins with reliable simulation techniques that allow sensitivity analysis in key areas to rank design options long before investing time in detailed CAD models.

DSD uses MASTA simulation software, FEA (including contact analysis) and MATLAB SIMULINK (for torsional systems, selectors, clutches and synchronisers). Our DOE (Design of Experiments) methods provide solutions optimised for each customer’s manufacturing tolerances, not just the nominal component dimensions.

Mechanical Engineering

DSD’s experienced engineers use most of the industry-standard CAD systems, including CATIA, Unigraphics, Pro-E and Inventor (Autodesk). The company’s expertise spans a wide range of sectors, manufacturing volumes and torque ratings: it has engineered systems for torque values from 17000Nm down to 0.1Nm.

The company works on manual, planetary automatic, Automated Manual Transmissions (AMT), Dual Clutch Transmissions (DCT), Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVT), BEV and hybrid transmissions, eDrives, Power Takeoff Units (PTU), transfer boxes, axles and differentials, and engine gears, such as balancer drives and timing gears.

Engineering for Efficiency

All transmission and driveline engineering takes place in the context of the particular application, whether passenger car, off-highway or industrial. One factor that unifies all these sectors is legislation that is driving improvements in efficiency.

DSD has engineered transmissions and drivelines specifically for high efficiency for customers in all the major industries. Often the efficiency target is combined with challenging load cases or package constraints, or must be achieved with low noise levels.

The company evaluates and calculates the loss of each individual component in the system. By comparing all the available options for each individual element DSD can pick the best solution and reduce losses within the transmission. It can also evaluate and optimise the flow of lubricant to ensure the minimal required amount of churning occurs, reducing parasitic losses and increasing efficiency.

Shift Systems and Shift Devices


Troubleshooting and Warranty Support