The off-highway sector has probably the greatest diversity of transmissions, from manuals through to the most sophisticated hydrostatic powersplit transmissions and hybrid powertrains.

DSD’s applications knowledge spans agriculture, construction and industrial vehicles, having worked on projects ranging from the largest mining trucks to ride-on garden machinery.

Our core design and development skills include a detailed knowledge of both transmissions and axles across the entire off-highway sector.

Experience With All Transmissions

Whether manual, automatic, powersplit (IVT), CVT, AMT or DCT, DSD’s expertise extends to all types of transmission and driveline systems, and includes axles, differentials, PTOs and transfer cases. The company understands the attributes of these diverse types and know where and how to apply them to optimise performance and efficiency.


DSD’s experience of control system implementation for off-highway applications includes the many specialised requirements of the industry, such as the control of shuttling or adaptive shift strategies, not encountered in other sectors. Our control system integration skills are applied to the often complex systems which can incorporate ground drives, implement systems and power take-offs.


Off highway vehicles, with their repetitive duty cycles, offer arguably the best potential for energy recovery and re-use through hybridisation. The design and cost-effective realisation of such systems is still in its infancy but DSD has hands-on knowledge of the varied elements and can help develop practical vehicles which can both save fuel and improve output.

Complete Transmission Engineering

DSD has experience of producing a complete all-new, production intent, off-highway transmission design for major manufacturers. Many of which are being produced in high-volumes. The company’s experience spans from low volume (100 per annum) to high volume (60,000 per annum) so it understands the challenges and differences involved with engineering such a product.